How large will your design be?

Use the form on this page to see how large your image will end up. Before sending us your image for print or editing, check and make sure your design will be large enough for your purposes!

  1. Simply open up your images, and look to see how many pixels wide and tall the design is.
  2. Input your dimensions in the first two fields.
  3. Select the output device or medium you’re planning on using your design for.

If it’s going to be used for print, select one of the printer options at the bottom. For web? Pick an output that’s a computer monitor (most likely a high res monitor). Are you planning on displaying this design on a TV? Select the TV with the closest dimensions and available clarity (720p or 1080p)

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Location 1: 123 Main Street, Dallas TX 52101

Prints all Acrylic pieces

Location 2: 444 MLK Road, Albany NY 12140

Prints only wood and aluminum pieces.

Location 3: 505 S. 8th Street, Birmingham AL 35242

All available printing methods except Acrylic